The way we buy things has changed for good.

Rather than be sold to, customers want to make an informed purchase decision. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being ripped off or that a sales person is pulling the wool over your eyes.

Thankfully, in this information era, we can opt out of these terrible sales experiences.

Just think about the last time you bought something.

Chances are you Googled it first, to understand what you’re buying. You probably searched for the best options, how much they cost and compared a couple of different brands.

Then, before you made the final decision, you probably looked for reviews, and asked your peers on social media.

You did all of this before speaking to a sales person.

And if you’re doing this, your customers are too.

The question is, who are they getting their information from? Is it you, or someone else? Perhaps your competitors?

If you want to win their business, you need to be the one to supply the information that answers their questions.

In other words, it’s your job to become an educator; to teach people what they need to know in order to make the right choice for them.

Blogging is the best way to achieve this. By answering your prospective customers’ questions in your blog articles, not only will you appear in their search queries, but you’ll earn their trust as a company.

Do it well, with transparency and personality, and you’ll quickly become their go-to source as they research their purchase.

And when they’re ready to buy, where will they go?

That’s right, to you!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But there’s just one problem, and that’s getting it done.

Let’s be honest – as a business owner or director, you’re already stretched to the limit. It’s simply not realistic to think that you’ll have the capacity to plan, write, publish and promote your own blog posts every month, on top of everything else you’ve got to do.

And even if you did, have you got the knowledge and skills to do it successfully?

Probably not.

So, you’re going to need help to make it happen.

That’s where Content Boost comes in.

About Content Boost

We are specialists in content marketing strategy and implementation. Think of us like your outsourced Content Manager – we oversee your entire content production process and make sure your content gets results for your company.

We’ll help you develop your strategy, support and guide you in content creation, and publish and promote your blog posts for maximum success.

The one thing we don’t do is write the articles. That part is up to you, your team or your content writer. But we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

It’s our job to help you leverage your blog to build trust with your customers and get more sales for your company.

To find out how we do that, hit the button below.


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Create content that attracts ideal clients who are ready to buy!

Yva’s Blogging Journey

Yva Yorston, Content Boost - Yva's Blogging Journey

I’m Yva and I’m the Founder of Content Boost.

Like many entrepreneurs, I started my business with barely any capital. I had a loan from my parents to buy a new laptop, and a £250 grant from the Princes Trust. I invested that money in two things: business cards and website hosting.

From there, I was bootstrapping. I attended local networking events, but these came at a cost. I needed another way to get my name out there…

So I started blogging.

To begin with, I blogged about my experiences as a budding young entrepreneur. I shared what I was learning about running an online business, and wrote about events I was attending.

But as I learned about the power of blogging as a tool for search engine optimisation, I became more focused. I wrote about the benefits of working with virtual assistants, and the best ways to use them. I focused on topics like time management, productivity and delegation.

Before long, not only was I ranking number 1 on Google, but I was getting more customer enquiries. Even as awareness of the VA industry grew, and competition increased, I stayed on top. And it was all down to my content strategy.

But I’m not going to lie – at times, it was a struggle.

A struggle to know what to write about. A struggle to get the words to flow. A struggle to make the time to do it. A struggle to be consistent.

I knew how important it was to my business, and yet somehow it always fell down the priority list.

It was only when I started delegating parts of my blog production process that things changed. It cut my time spent blogging each week in half. We developed a system that ensured all steps were followed every time we published an article, which meant I got more website traffic and social media engagement.

But, most importantly, it held me accountable. By having a content assistant who relied on me to deliver the text by an agreed deadline, it made sure I wrote it in the first place.

This is the key – you can only benefit from content marketing if you actually do it.

Consistency is what builds momentum and creates real results for your business.

So if you want to use blogging to get more customers and stand out from your competition, but the practicalities are holding you back, I totally get it.

Content Boost has evolved organically over several years to solve these challenges, based on my own experiences and those of my clients.

We exist to relieve the burdens of blogging and provide accountability, so that you can harness the power of blogging to grow your business and become a pioneer of your industry.

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Meet the team

Yva Yorston - Founder + Director, Content Boost

Yva Yorston

Founder + Director

Yva is the Founder and Director of Content Boost. She was born and raised in Aberdeenshire and lives with her high school sweetheart, Ben, in Westhill.

She began her entrepreneurial journey at 22, shortly after her graduation from the University of Strathclyde in Business Enterprise and Management Science with First Class Honours.

During the next 5 years, Yva and her team at Boost Business Support helped over 50 small business clients with their admin, marketing and research projects.

She was shortlisted in the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence, the Princes Trust Awards and the Elevator Awards, and was named in Aberdeen’s 40 Under 40.

In order to take the business to the next level, she decided to specialise in blog management services for small businesses, and re-launched as Content Boost in 2018.

She regularly speaks at business events, schools, colleges and universities, sharing her knowledge about content marketing and online business, and inspiring others with her start-up story.

In her spare time, she keeps fit with outdoor bootcamps and yoga and volunteers with a local disability charity, SensationALL.

Featured in:

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Yva Yorston - Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Elevator Awards 2016

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40Under40 Aberdeen 2014

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