10 Reasons To Blog For Your Business

I am frequently asked, during consultations and client meetings, whether one should be blogging.

Of course, every person and every business is different but, on the whole, my answer is yes. They say that a prospective customer needs to hear your message 7 times before they will consider buying from you. Your blog is one of the 7 places you need to be.

So without further ado, I’ll dive straight into my 10 Reasons To Blog For Your Business:

1. Build relationships

Allowing people to get to know you and your business through blogging enables you to build a relationship with people you’ve never even met. They could be prospective customers, they could be potential collaborators, they could be influencers in your industry, or they might simply be one more person who knows your brand and can spread the word about what you do.

2. Show people your expertise

By blogging regularly on topics that are relevant to your products, service or industry, you are demonstrating your knowledge and expertise and can begin to build your status as an expert in your field.

3. Build trust

In the same way that showing up and offering advice builds trust in the offline world, you can build trust in the online world by blogging consistently and delivering valuable content. Whilst giving away information for free might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, it allows customers to ‘try before they buy’ and will actually encourage them to use your service.

4. Let people know that you’re open for business

I’m willing to bet that the majority of pages on your website are pretty static. Your blog is the one dynamic area on your website that is (or should be) regularly updated to let people know that you’re still open for business.

5. Encourage mailing list sign-ups

Your blog can be a lead generating tool, but it’s not usually the last step in the buying process before a customer lifts the phone to place an order. You need a way to capture their details so that you can continue the process of educating them about your offering – i.e. a mailing list. Deliver great content on your blog, and people will sign up to your newsletter to receive more of it.

6. Build an audience/community

Through blogging, over time you will have the opportunity to build an audience. A collection of people who follow your content on a regular basis, who are engaged and will interact with you via social media. They’ll become raving fans of your brand, and some of them will become loyal customers too.

7. Regularly add new, unique content to your website

Blogging is one way to add new content to your site on a regular basis, which is one of the factors that Google likes to see when ranking you in the search engines.

8. Adding relevant keywords

In order for your website to be found by people who are searching for information in your niche, your content needs to include relevant keywords that your target market are searching for. By blogging on relevant topics, you are naturally increasing the occurrence of appropriate keywords which will help you to be found more easily.

9. Drive traffic to other parts of your website

When you’ve spent the time developing an amazing service and creating a top-notch sales page, you want people to actually see it. Whilst your blog may not be the final destination that you want people to end up, it’s a great starting point. People are much more receptive to clicking through to a website when they know there’s something in it for them. Once you’ve got them on board, it’ll be much easier to drive them to other parts of your website.

10. Generate content for your social media channels

One of the main ways to get your blog out there is to post it on social media. It’s a no-brainer – you need to keep your social media accounts active and engaging, and your blog posts make great content to post. Make sure that you capitalise on this by including social links on every blog post.
There is no doubt that writing blog content consumes a certain amount of time. And that it can be difficult sticking to your editorial schedule when things get busy.

However, I believe that the benefits far outweigh the costs and, with the right support, the reality of blogging for your business is much less daunting than the thought of it. What are you waiting for? 😉

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