11 Biggest Benefits Of Email Marketing

Ever wondered what the benefits are of email marketing? It’s such a fantastic tool for small businesses that this week we thought we’d let you know why by compiling this bumper list of 11 benefits of email marketing, compared to alternatives. Check them out!

1. Easy to personalise

Unlike other forms of marketing communication, with email marketing you can address every person by their first name, and customise their email using merge fields within the text.

2. Drives traffic to your website

By strategically placing links in your email you encourage the readers to click through to your website or landing page, and hopefully take your call to action.

3. Results are measurable

Most email marketing apps, like Mailchimp, automatically track the success of your campaign and will produce a handy report summarising your open and click rates, which you can use to tweak your campaign next time for maximum effect.

4. Cost-effective

Email marketing is very cheap (sometimes even free!) compared with traditional forms of advertising. You can reach target audiences without the need for print space, or the production costs associated with television and radio.

5. Environmentally friendly

Choosing to promote your business by email instead of traditional flyers or leaflets saves paper and energy.

6. Targeted selling

Based on the behavior of your email recipients, you can set up a chain of highly-targeted campaigns which are triggered when the person clicks a particular link or product within your newsletter.

7. Multiple lists and segmentation

You don’t just have to stick to one generic “mailing list”, you can break down your lists into segments based on demographic, geography, buying habits etc. and improve the targeting of your campaigns.

8. Part of a wider content marketing strategy

Email marketing works really well as part of a wider content marketing strategy that includes blogs and social media, as each medium can promote and drive traffic into the other.

9. Schedule in advance

You can create campaigns and schedule them to go out ahead of time, allowing you to focus on other time-sensitive tasks. This also means you can choose the exact delivery date and time of your campaign for maximum impact.

10. Easily shared with others

Email newsletters are easily forwarded on to colleagues, friends and family (which can also be tracked!), meaning that your campaign could potentially have a much wider reach than your core list.

11. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Email marketing tools enable you to run multiple campaigns targeted at different groups simultaneously. For instance, you could have a quarterly newsletter that updates your list on your company news, whilst also sending a weekly email to point them to your latest blog post.

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