12 Things To Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs often struggle to grow their business and achieve work life balance because they wear too many hats.  They’re doing everything to run their business while continuing to sell and deliver their services or products.

But running a business single-handed for too long is dangerous not only to its progression and growth but also to the health and wellbeing of the business owner.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who help business owners with time consuming tasks that are preventing them from doing billable work or growing their business.

There are lots of different types of VA’s out there – some who specialise in a particular skill, like video editing, and others who specialise in a particular industry, like book publishing.

At Boost, we are general virtual assistants focusing on administration, marketing and research. This encompasses many of the tasks you would associate with a traditional office role, but because we work online, it also includes a virtual skillset.

Sounds great, right? But when taking your first steps in outsourcing it can be difficult to narrow down these broad areas to actual tasks that your VA could complete for you.

So we thought we’d give you some ideas! Here are 12 things to outsource to your virtual assistant:

Maintain the status quo

1. Processing your emails

Your virtual assistant can review your emails, filtering out the noise and ensuring that you are only dealing with the ones that really need your attention.

2. Managing appointments and travel arrangements

You can utilise the services of a VA to manage your diary, book meetings and appointments and can even remind you when you have important events coming up.

3. Maintaining databases and online applications

A virtual assistant can update your databases and online applications, such as CRM or accounting packages, so that the information is up to date whenever you need it.

4. Organising digital filing

A VA can make sure that your digital filing cabinet has a logical structure and that files have meaningful naming conventions for quick access and searchability.

Day to day marketing activities

5. Creating email newsletters

Your VA can create professional email newsletters so that your clients are kept up to date with all the latest news and products from your business.

6. Maintaining social media accounts

Keeping a constant social media presence is vital but also time consuming, so having your VA manage your social accounts will free up your time whilst getting your company name out there.

7. Editing and uploading blog posts

A VA can help you keep your blog consistent and up to date by assisting with content editing, formatting, optimising and publishing.

8. Creating presentations

Preparing for a presentation should take 7 times the length of the presentation itself – but that time should be spent on the content and not fiddling with slides! A virtual assistant can help.

Assistance with small research projects

9. Internet searches

A VA can provide you with information you need to help grow your business, including downloading useful files or other material from the internet.

10. Creating and distributing online surveys

If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, a virtual assistant can create and distribute online surveys to help you get a better understanding of your market.

11. Getting customer feedback

Customer feedback is important for the future of your business. A VA can contact your clients on your behalf to get feedback on your products and services.

12. Compiling reports

If you need any primary or secondary research summarised in a concise report, your virtual assistant can help.

So if you are fed up with trying to run your business alone and feel that you are not managing to carry out the important projects that are waiting for your attention, a virtual assistant could be the answer!

Do you already have a VA? What do you outsource? Leave a comment! 🙂


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