I love podcasts.  I’m a bit of a sponge when it comes to business tips; I’m constantly reading blogs and downloading eBooks.  But I have to say, podcasts are my new favourite way to consume this sort of content – it’s just so much more productive! Now, when I get in the car, instead of turning on the radio to listen to repetitive songs and inane chatter, I load a podcast.  Amazingly, I actually look forward to washing dishes now as an opportunity to listen to the latest episodes!

There are so many fantastic business podcasts out there, but I’ve found some real gems that I simply had to share with you. I believe they are essential listening for any small business owner, particularly if you work, or want to work, online.  Please check them out!

The New Business Podcast with Chris Ducker1. The New Business Podcast – Chris Ducker

Chris’ story is one that many small business owners can relate to. He was once a typical entrepreneur, working 14 hour days, 6 days a week, spending too much time “in” the business with little time for family and recreation. But in the space of 1 year, he managed to completely transform his business, using “new business” strategies like online marketing and outsourcing to virtual staff, which allowed him the time to work “on” the business and take it to a whole new level. As a result of these changes, he saw a massive increase in enquiries and created a brilliant personal brand, which now takes him all over the world.

In his podcast, he shares his knowledge and experience, and that of a vast array of experts, so that business owners can replicate his methods and create their own online empire.


The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson2. The Suitcase Entrepreneur – Natalie Sisson

Natalie has a background in marketing, communications, brand and product management…but she’s not your average entrepreneur. Since 2006 she has been travelling the world and living out of her suitcase. Her achievements to date include becoming a Body Sculpting Champion, a gold medal winner at the Ultimate Frisbee championships and smashing the world record for Dragon Boating across the English Channel!

In 2009 she set out for Canada to co-found a tech company; it was here that she noticed a lack of women entrepreneurs and CEO’s, so she started blogging to chart her business journey and connect with other female entrepreneurs.

In 2010 she rebranded as The Suitcase Entrepreneur to engage with a wider audience and, ingeniously, created numerous streams of passive income through digital product sales, affiliate marketing and advertising which offer her the freedom that so many of us crave! Her podcasts focus on passing on the practical knowledge and tools that you need in order to achieve freedom in business and life.


This Girl Means Business with Carrie Green3. This Girl Means Business – Carrie Green

Carrie started her first business whilst at university studying law. She saw an opportunity to make money online selling mobile phone unlocking codes, which she grabbed with both hands (if for no other reason than to reduce her student debt!). With no business experience, she grew the venture from scratch using nothing more than a self-built website and Google Adwords.

By the time she was 23 she had grown a business that ran itself and was in a comfortable financial position.  However, in the process of letting go of the day to day operations, she became isolated and grew bored and lonely. She decided to start a project to connect with like-minded business women. Now, the Female Entrepreneur Association produces a monthly digital magazine and has a website packed full of inspiring stories from women all over the world.

The topics Carrie covers in her videos, podcasts and blog reflect the challenges that she has faced during her own business journey. If I’m having a tough day, this is the first place I go for a pick-me-up but along with the motivational segments, there are lots of practical tips and tricks for growing businesses.


Do you have a favourite business podcast? What’s your preferred way to consume useful business tips? Please share in the comments below!


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