5 Ways To Show Your Customers You Care

Without customers our businesses are nothing, and showing them that you care is vital to repeat business and referrals. Sometimes it seems that customer service is a dying art these days, with so many companies missing prime opportunities to show their gratitude. Good customer service is extremely important to ensure that your customers do not start looking elsewhere for the services that you already provide to them.

While saying “thank you” to your customers is a good start, oftentimes it is not enough to keep them coming back. As business owners we need to come up with fun and memorable ideas for letting our customers know that we understand and appreciate them.

Contrary to popular belief showing loyalty to customers does not always have to cost your business money. There are plenty of ways that you can show your appreciation which will simply cost you a little of your time.

As it’s coming up to the festive season I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you a few ideas on how to keep your customers happy into the New Year and beyond!

1. Amazing service

This is a given – we all know we should look after our customers to keep them coming back, but when you go just that little bit further for them they will remember it and feel cared for. Always address them by name, deliver your products and services promptly, and with great quality.

2. Ask for their feedback

Asking your customers for their feedback shows you care about their opinion, that you are willing to listen to them and that you are working to improve your service. But they won’t tell you unless you ask!

3. Remember special days

Do you collect information from your customers in the course of doing business with them? If you’ve got a record of their birthday, anniversary or any other special day, send them an email or, even better, a handwritten card to let them know that you are thinking of them.

4. Referral rewards

Offering your clients an incentive for referring your company to their friends or colleagues will not only provide you with more business, but will make your customers feel valued when they receive a little gift or discount in return.

5. Thoughtful gifts

Do you have a few really special customers who have supported you through thick and thin? Why not show them your appreciation with a thoughtful gift, like a bunch of flowers, bottle of wine or a gift voucher. It’ll give them that warm, fuzzy feeling and will cement your relationship for years to come!

Whilst December is a great time to show your appreciation to your customers with cards and gifts, remember you can show them you care at any time of the year! Quite often customers will respond more to an “out of the blue” thank you rather than a predictable festive gift.

Finally, bear in mind that it costs a lot more to find new customers than it does to keep the ones you already have. With an investment of your time and perhaps a little money you will be able to create a loyal customer base for years to come.

How do you show your customers you care? Let me know in the comments!

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