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Smartphones have become integral to our daily lives. Fifteen years ago, who could have imagined that our phones would be like a little PC in our pocket, offering us dozens of ways to keep in touch with people, connecting us to the internet, playing music and taking photos – simultaneously! Not to mention the ability to instantly share all of this with our friends via social media.

Not only have they transformed our personal lives, but our business lives too, enabling us to manage everything on-the-go. We can check emails, edit documents, manage tasks, view our accounts and so much more! When it comes to running your business, you can almost guarantee “there’s an app for that”…

Here are 9 of my favourite free Android business apps to get you started running your business on the move:

1. Blue Mail:

This app is great for when you have more than one email account, and want to sync all of your mail in one place. It’s the perfect way to receive email on the go without having to look at several different apps for your separate email provider

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop:

If you need something from your windows desktop while you are out, this application is perfect for you. Once you have downloaded the app and input the details, you can log onto your desktop from wherever you are and start working as if you were sat at your desk!

3. Facebook Pages Manager:

Forgotten that you need to post something onto a Facebook page you manage? No problem, with this app you can access any of your pages and add content or respond to messages, wherever you are.

4. Mailchimp for Android:

The Mailchimp app allows you to do almost everything you can do on the browser version, with the exception of creating campaigns. If you need to send out or schedule a campaign while you are out of the office, or simply check the results of your latest newsletter using Reports, it’s ideal.

5. Google Drive:

As Google’s own cloud storage system, this is a fantastic app for those who want quick access to their files on the go. The application allows you to do anything you would on your desktop and every file you create or edit will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

6. Skype:

If you are looking for the face-to-face experience when calling people on the go, look no further than Skype. It allows you to make video calls using the front facing camera, and is extremely flexible allowing you to connect with users on any device. Perfect for when you can’t get to a meeting in person.

7. Evernote:

This application isn’t just for note taking, it can be used to organise your business and private life. You are able to dictate or write notes, take photos, create to do lists and more… Evernote will index your notes and make them available on any device.

8. Xero Touch:

An extension of your Xero account, this app lets you manage your finances on the go, as well as raise invoices and record expenses. If you’re not already using Xero, this is a great reason to get started!

9. Task Manager:

Running too many apps at the same time can cause your battery to be drained pretty quickly. Use this application to monitor and kill apps to prolong battery life – after all, none of these apps are any good if your phone is dead!

These are just a few of the many, many great business applications that are available for free on your Android phone and enable you to run your business on-the-go.

Why not try some of these out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments!


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