Today I want to give a quick update on what’s been happening at Boost recently, and announce some upcoming changes to our services.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of the business lately – a few weeks ago this led me to send out a brief survey to my mailing list, to find out what their biggest challenge in business is right now.

The results were very interesting, because despite it being an open question, the responses could be grouped into two very clear camps:

  1. Finding quality customers
  2. Lack of time

This got me thinking about what I could do to help my customers and my audience to overcome these challenges and bring them the most value through my services and content.

So I’ve taken the decision to narrow the focus of Boost’s services and concentrate on marketing support; content marketing support in particular.

We’ve done a lot of great work with clients over the past few years on administrative and general research projects, but I feel that marketing is where we can offer the most value going forward.

To be completely honest, it’s also the area that I enjoy the most – and if I’m enjoying it then I know I’m offering a better service to our clients!

In addition to the services, you’ll also notice some changes to the packages and pricing structure. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this.

I’ll also be making changes to the website, especially the service pages, so please bear with me while I make these updates.

For now, I hope you can appreciate the reasons behind this decision. Our intention is for our services to be even more useful to you in the future, so that we can help you achieve more in your business.

Have a great day, speak to you soon.

About the author

Yva Yorston

Owner at Content Boost
I'm Yva, the owner and Chief VA at Boost Business Support. I love helping clients to build and run efficient businesses, especially if that means getting my geek on and working with cool cloud apps and tools! In my spare time I teach piano and saxophone at my pal's music school, and I like to de-stress with some yoga and pilates, or a good walk in the Aberdeenshire countryside!

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