If My Business Was A Person...

Recently, I listened to a podcast from the Female Entrepreneur Association which asked the question “if your business were a person, how would you describe them?” (check out the original post here!). I thought this was a really interesting way of thinking about a business, and figured it might help me with writing marketing copy so I gave it a go…

I imagined that I was going to catch up with my business over a coffee, as if she were a friend, and I wrote down the characteristics that I would want that friend to have.

Here are just a few that I wrote down:

  • Reliable
  • Understanding
  • Creative and inspiring
  • Positive and uplifting
  • Calm and reassuring
  • Full of ideas
  • Always ready to help
  • Gets stuff done
  • A clear thinker
  • A brainstormer
  • A good listener
  • Offers advice
  • Makes you feel good
  • Checks up on you
  • Keeps you on track

I found this to be a really effective exercise. When you think about the characteristics of your company and what you want it to stand for, you are essentially crafting the image, message and experience that you want to portray to the world.

So how would you like to be viewed? What do you want your brand to say? Do you want to be young and trendy, mature and well dressed, fun and sporty, reliable and supportive, innovative and exciting? Or maybe something else…

When you look at worldwide brands, you notice that they all have distinct messages; words that epitomise them and what they do. Lets take Google for instance, when I think of them I think of an intelligent, colourful, innovative and knowledgeable person. And what about Microsoft? Perhaps they would be described as professional, mature and successful?

You get the idea? These messages are what you use to market your company and making the right impression has never been so important. No longer is marketing undertaken by one employee or one department to get your company on the map; controlled and calculated. With the evolution of online marketing, social media, blogging, online reviews and much more, your employees and customers are combining all of these elements to form a picture in their mind of “who” your business is, which they’re taking to market everyday.

Therefore, clear and consistent branding is massively important to your business; it means that your target audience knows who you are, and that you can offer them a great service, because you have tailored your message to meet their needs.

So if you’ve been thinking about your company’s message, why not try out this exercise like I did and see what your company’s personality is really like… Let me know how you get on!

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