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Here at Boost HQ, there are a couple of services that are really standing out at the moment in terms of their popularity. One of them is social media management, the other is managing and updating contact databases.

A contact database is something that should be used on a daily basis to assist you in growing your business. Keeping it up to date is important and valuable – having old, outdated or invalid entries can cause confusion, mistakes and wastes time.

Working with a virtual assistant is a great way to keep on top of this valuable resource. A VA can take your collection of business cards, delegate lists and spreadsheets and pull them together into a cohesive system.

Have a chat with them about what the best system for your contacts might be, based on your requirements – it could simply be the Contacts facility in Outlook or GMail, it could be LinkedIn, or it could be a full blown CRM system.

Once you have your database in place and up to date, you can really start making the most of your network. Here are a few ideas for using your contacts database:

  • Keep track of customer sources – Where are they coming from? If they’re referrals, who from? Maybe you could send a thank you to your top referrers?
  • Send targeted email campaigns – categorise your prospects and customers by industry, size or location so that you can target your marketing at the right people. The more information you have about a company the easier it will be for you to target them and get results.
  • Share information with your team – keep up to date notes on customers and contacts so that when they are passed on to a different member of the team, they will have all the background information they need and can offer the same level of personal service.
  • Keep in touch with key customers – set up your database to remind you to contact customers if you’ve not spoken to them for a certain number of weeks or months. Keeping in contact with your customers helps to build the trust needed for a long-lasting relationship.
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs – Communication does not need to be a one way street. When you invite replies, comments and input you will learn more about your customers, which can be recorded and will assist you in meeting their future needs.
  • Use people you know when sourcing suppliers – search your database for suppliers of a particular product or service to use someone you know and trust. When you do this your contact is more likely to use the services you offer in return.
  • Get testimonials and feedback – contact your previous clients to obtain those all-important testimonials, which give your prospects the confidence to work with you in the future.

These are just a few ways that you can use an up to date contacts database to your advantage. Are you missing out on these benefits? Leave a comment! 


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