How To Create An Advanced To-Do List

Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut performing tasks that you hate on a daily basis? Or tasks that aren’t a good use of your time? Perhaps you need to re-think the types of tasks that need to be done by you and identify those that could easily be carried out by someone else…

If you have always been a lone shark in the business world, completing all tasks yourself, no matter how big or small, delegation can be a daunting prospect. After all, you have nurtured your business since it was a baby so its bound to be difficult to let go!

So how do you let go of your business and allow other people to take some of the workload off your hands?

There are a variety of tools that you can use to help you work out what to delegate and I’ve found a great one which uses a matrix style (see image below).

You have two scales, one for your competency at the task, and another for your passion for it. These quadrants are extremely useful when you are trying to figure out what you should and should not delegate. Basically, if you hate it, and you’re not good at it, get rid of it!


How To Create An Advanced To-Do List

Quadrant 1: Delegate First

These are the first tasks to delegate. They are the ones you are not good at, the ones you dread and the ones you don’t enjoy. Spending your precious time on these types of activities are likely to hold both you and your business back in the long run, so the sooner you delegate them, the better!

Quadrant 2: Delegate Next

Just because you are good at a task does not mean that you should continue to do it yourself. The types of tasks to be put into this quadrant are those that are a drain on your day, that take up too much time and suck your creativity.

Quadrant 3: Pause and Evaluate

This quadrant should contain the tasks that you love doing but find tough. They are the ones that you could carry out properly with the right training and time on your hands. The answer is simple for this one: either get good or delegate, so that you are not losing time that could be better spent on tasks that will grow your business.

Quadrant 4: Don’t Delegate

These are the ones that you should not be delegating, they are the tasks that need your attention, cannot be carried out by anyone else and are your highest payoff activities. These tasks are the ones that you get most enjoyment from and make the greatest contribution to your business.

If you are completely honest with yourself and are prepared to look closely at the processes and systems within your business, this matrix will allow you to delegate effectively so that your business can become more efficient all round.

I challenge you to take your to-do list and put it into this matrix TODAY! You might be surprised at the results…

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