First Steps To Delegation

There are many entrepreneurs out there who know they do too much in their businesses.  They’ve built their business on their own, from the ground up. They know how everything works, inside and out, but it has reached the point where they really don’t want to do it all themselves anymore.

Sure, it was ideal to save money at the beginning by doing their own books, creating their own marketing materials and answering their own phones but once customers start streaming through the door, they suddenly realise it’s actually costing them money to keep doing it all alone.

To employ or not to employ

Their first thought is “right, I guess the time has come for my first employee!” so they tentatively begin to investigate what this will involve.  It soon becomes clear that taking on an employee is a big commitment.  Is it really the right time?  Perhaps demand is seasonal so the work isn’t consistent, or maybe the amount of work is simply too small to justify the costs.

Then they come across a professional service offering practical support with business tasks on a flexible, pay-as-you-go basis.  Even better, it’s virtual, so they don’t need to provide workspace or equipment.  “Yes! This is what I need!”

What should they delegate?

They’ve found the solution but there is yet another obstacle to overcome.  Because they have been running the business on their own, there has never been a need to commit their business processes to paper.  They may even believe that particular tasks can only be done by them; that their customers rely on the personal service they can only get from the owner.  So what on earth could, or should, they actually delegate?

What is your job title?

Here is what I ask them: “What is your job title?”

Is it Business Owner? Is it Sales Manager? Project Supervisor? Customer Service Assistant? Administrative Assistant? All too often, it’s a mixture of everything.

I tell them to decide what their job title should be, look at how this fits into the overall organisational chart, and write themselves a job description. This is a really useful way to start thinking about your role in your business, and what you could, or should, be delegating to other people.

Once they have taken this first and most difficult step, Boost can help them on their journey towards efficient and effective delegation which will lead to better focus, improved work-life balance, increased capacity and ultimately, business growth.

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