Managing Your Blog: Who Can Help?

We know that blogging is right for our business but, as entrepreneurs, time is not always on our side. How can we overcome this obstacle?

It might go against the grain, but we need to get some help 😉

But where do we start? Who can save us time, keep us on track and help us stay consistent? Should we look for someone who can manage our blog from start to finish, or is there people out there who can provide targeted support at certain stages of the blog production process?

In answer to these questions, I’ve put together a list of key people and services who can help you manage your business blog successfully.

Writer/Ghost Writer                                            

Is your head brimming with blog post ideas but something prevents you putting them to paper?

Writing a weekly blog post can seem a daunting task, especially if long-form writing hasn’t been part of your daily routine since secondary school! Even if you have natural flair, it can be a struggle to find time to research, draft and edit a blog post from scratch every week. Or perhaps you’d simply prefer to leave it to an expert, who can ensure your blog produces valuable content consistently.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it might be the right time for you to hire a writer!

A writer can help with research, producing draft posts (which you can then edit yourself to add your own voice and expertise) or transcribing your own recorded thoughts and ideas, editing them into authentic, appealing articles that will resonate with your readers.

Finding a writer with the style and expertise that works for you and your audience can take time, but when you do find ‘the one’ it’s always a good idea to see some of their work first.


If you choose not to hire a writer but put your own pen to paper, you may still feel that it needs a bit of tweaking. In which case, it would be a good idea to employ the services of a proofreader or editor, who can cast their professional eye over your work.

Having someone check your content for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, look at the flow of sentences and paragraphs and check the consistency of your formatting and layout, can add unprecedented value to the quality of your writing.

Although there is no substitute for a professional when it comes to proofreading and editing content for maximum impact, there are plenty of resources online to undertake this task yourself, should you wish to keep it in-house. Check out these resources below:

Graphic Designer

The importance of image selection and design is paramount; visually, it needs to make an impact, as well as a great first impression! Remember, your blog image is the first thing a reader will see and will make or break their decision to click on your link.

Sourcing royalty free images to use in your blog posts has never been easier, but finding the right one for a particular topic, that’s of decent quality and reflects your brand, can be a challenge. Believe me when I say that browsing stock images will quickly become a worm-hole of procrastination!

This aside, there are some great image editing tools out there, such as PicMonkey and Canva, which make ‘DIY design’ a feasible option for the cash-strapped entrepreneur. But, as with many things, we must ask ourselves whether this is the best use of our time as CEOs of our company – outsourcing to a professional would accomplish a better result in half the time!

Still want to create your own? Col Gray at Pixels Ink offers 5 reasons why you should not hire a professional graphic designer and if that doesn’t help, why not subscribe to his YouTube channel which is a good source of design and branding tutorials.

Virtual Assistant

Time is our most valuable asset and it is the one thing that, when setting up a new business or growing an existing one, we never seem to have enough of. Keeping on top of your blog plan is crucial to its success, but if you don’t have the time then working with a virtual assistant can help.

We often think of the writing as being the most time-consuming part of the process, but in fact, there is a hidden stage in the production of a blog post, between having the content drafted in a Word document and the finished article live on your website, which can be just as time-consuming.

The VA role is the glue that holds everything together. They take care of the administrative and technical parts of the blog production process, such as formatting the text, inserting images and links, optimisation for search engines and uploading to your website.

In his post “Going Virtual: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Blog”, Chris Ducker offers some valuable advice when choosing to outsource blog-related tasks to a VA.

Online/Social Media Marketer

Promoting your blog via online platforms is a crucial step in the blogging process. After all, there’s no point in producing amazing content if no one reads it! A social media marketer will have the skills to get your content in front of the right audience and generate traffic for your website.

Not only will this person schedule updates for your social media channels to promote your latest blog, but they can also generate live engagement by tagging people or companies mentioned in your content and share the link in social groups relevant to your business.

They can also notify your mailing list subscribers by sending an e-newsletter, and syndicate your article on third party platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn, as appropriate.

Each and every blog post should have its own promotion strategy; a checklist of tasks to complete for maximum reach. As with other stages in the blogging process, it will save a huge amount of time to outsource this to a specialist.

Blog manager

If working with all these specialists is starting to sound like a job in itself, you’d be right! What if one company could act as your blog manager? Or, even better, consolidate some of these roles by undertaking them in-house, and act as the main point of contact for you, the business owner?

This is what we do at Boost; we coordinate the blog production process from start to finish. Our in-house team transforms your raw content into a professionally published blog post and completes that online promotion strategy on your behalf.

For clients who need extra support to create the content itself, we have a writer on-hand and together we will come up with a content creation process that works for you.

With visibility of the entire process, we manage the editorial plan and liaise with all relevant team members. And, importantly, we review your analytics regularly and can help you adjust your strategy accordingly for blogging success.

If you’d like to find out more, click the button below to book a consultation!

Got any questions about outsourcing elements of your blog production process? Comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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  1. Great article – there definitely is a need for this. I’m struggling with writing weekly blog posts and if I did have the money would definitely hire a writter. I know what the power of writing a blog can do for your website as I’ve experienced great search rankings with past websites/businesses. Will bookmark you when I’ve got the dough I’ll be back 😀

    1. Thanks so much Scott! That’s great to hear you’ve experienced good results in the past – that means you know you can do it again!

      Check back soon and let me know how you’re getting on 🙂

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