When Is The Right Time To Start Delegating_

“When is the right time to start delegating”?

It’s something that I wondered when I first started my business. I knew that it was a necessary step to take in order to grow, but just wasn’t sure when I should take it.

It’s an issue that prevents a lot of entrepreneurs from taking that first step towards outsourcing or growing their team. I certainly put it off for nearly 2 years – I started my business in March 2012 and eventually hired my team members in January 2014 – quite a long time – because I was waiting until I was “busy enough” with clients, or had “enough revenue” coming in to justify the cost of a VA.

These are all valid concerns, but they’re also excuses. Ultimately, no matter what stage you are at in business, you have a ‘zone of genius’. And it’s going to be more beneficial to you and your business, in the long run, if you focus on that zone of genius for the majority of your time.

In other words, it’s much easier to concentrate on creative tasks such as content creation, strategy planning and product/service development when you don’t have to worry about the techy or administrative tasks that draw your attention away.

I’ve had clients in the past who waited years and years before they took the step to start delegating – and whilst they’d been generating a healthy income for themselves over that time, they had also been stunting their growth. They set themselves a glass ceiling and they just sat comfortably underneath it. Imagine where they could be now if they’d been delegating from the start?!

Whereas I’ve got another client at the moment who is in the pre-launch phase of her business – her website hasn’t even gone live yet – and she is already delegating and thinking about how she’s going to build her team. Which type of client do you think is going to achieve the fastest growth and the biggest results?

So here is my tip for you…

Start small. Just think of one task that you complete daily or weekly, that doesn’t require your personal expertise and could be written up into a simple procedure. I’m talking about things like uploading your blog posts, publishing your newsletter, scheduling content to your Twitter feed, or adding new contacts to your database.

If money is your big obstacle, start with one thing, so that it’s affordable. Delegating one task isn’t expensive but, if you spend your newly-found free time wisely, then it could be the first step in a transformational process for your business.

In summary…

There is no “right time” to start delegating on your business journey – the best time is RIGHT NOW!

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Yva Yorston

Owner at Content Boost
I'm Yva, the owner and Chief VA at Boost Business Support. I love helping clients to build and run efficient businesses, especially if that means getting my geek on and working with cool cloud apps and tools! In my spare time I teach piano and saxophone at my pal's music school, and I like to de-stress with some yoga and pilates, or a good walk in the Aberdeenshire countryside!

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