How To Spot Someone Who Needs a VA

Virtual assistants offer a helping hand to small business owners so that they can get on with the important tasks that help grow their business. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there who aren’t aware that this service exists and how it could transform their life!

But how do you spot someone who is in need of a virtual assistant?

Well, say you’re heading to a meeting with a small business owner, you’ll probably check out their website beforehand to find out more about the company and what they’re up to.

Whilst you’re there, you might notice that their social media posts are really sporadic, or maybe their blog was last updated 6 months ago. If they’ve got an opt-in form on their website for a newsletter, test it out by signing up, and if you don’t actually receive anything then it’s probably because they’ve fallen behind on these too. This is someone who could definitely use a virtual assistant.

When you meet them, ask them “how do you keep in touch with your customers?”. They might respond by telling you about their newsletter and social media, but adding that they’re struggling to keep up with them due to lack of time. Ask them if they have anyone helping them with this, and if not, ask: “have you heard of virtual assistance?”.

Let’s take another example.

Say you have a business associate who has become slow at responding to emails and seems to be more under pressure than usual. The next time you see them, as them “who manages your emails and diary for you?”. Of course, you know what the answer is going to be! “Ehhh..I do, what other option is there?”. Again, your next question is “have you heard of virtual assistance?”.

Hiring a virtual assistant allows business owners to re-focus their attention on the important tasks needed to grow their business, generate sales and ultimately put money into their back pockets.

Spending 90% of the day going through emails, trying to keep in contact with customers, writing and posting content for newsletters and social media will put a real strain onto any business owner and harm their chances of success.

Hiring a VA can seem a little daunting at first (check out our tips for getting started!), however, outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular solution for busy entrepreneurs. Due to their virtual nature, VAs incur less overheads than traditional staff and offer more flexibility in terms of their tasks and working hours.

So next time you meet a solo entrepreneur, one-man-band, consultant or executive who could use an extra pair of hands, remember one killer question: “have you heard of virtual assistance?”

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