Spring Clean your to do list

Well the clocks have gone forward, so spring is finally upon us – it’s time to dust ourselves off and come out of hibernation!

Have you been stuck in a rut these winter months? Has your to do list been dragging you down? Is your office looking a little more cluttered than it should be?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then it’s time for a spring clean! Having clutter around you can often stifle your inspiration and obscure your capabilities which, as we all know, is not good for business.

Here are some tips to help give your office, to-do list and life in general a good clearout, ready to start afresh and run your business the way you want to!

1. Keep only what you need at arms-length

The only items within your workspace should be things that you need immediately. Do away with old coffee cups, stacks of paper, boxes of pens or any other clutter that shouldn’t be there. Why not replace them with something motivational instead? Like a framed quote or photo of something you’re going to reward yourself with when you achieve your goals!

2. Sort out your catch-all drawer

We are all guilty of having that one drawer that everything gets put into for “later”. However, most of us have no idea what’s in that drawer and when you clean it out you are likely to find most of it to be junk! Time to get rid.

3. Be brutal with your inbox

Most of us are drowning in emails and hold on to them for far too long, often turning inboxes into to-do lists, which distracts us from our true goals. You can change this by having a good clear out and creating a new ‘action status’ system of folders called “Actioned”, “Pending”, “Needs Action” and “For reference”. Process every email in this way, leave your inbox clear and review your “Needs Action” folder once a day to ensure things are moving forward.

4. Streamline your computer desktop

Every morning you should be able to switch on your computer and be inspired to do your best work. A cluttered desktop often has the opposite effect, with icons that will trigger your stress hormone, making you less productive. If you have developed a habit of saving random files to your desktop for “convenience”, then perhaps it’s time to sit down and create a proper digital filing structure?

5. Create a more effective daily routine

Over time, many of us develop habits that are counterproductive. This is a great time to review our daily routines with a focus on our personal strengths, weaknesses and body clocks. What time of day do you work best? What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Does it set you up well for the day? What are your biggest distractions? Are you fitting in enough time for food and exercise? Write down your typical routine and see where you could make improvements.

6. Organise your to do list

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things that you need to do then it might be a good idea to apply some prioritisation to your weekly task list. We have previously spoken about the Eisenhower Matrix here on The Boost Blog – this is a very effective way of getting your priorities in order and preventing procrastination

7. Delegate the tasks that are holding you back

If, after reviewing and prioritising your task list, you find that you have too many items that don’t fall under your true job description and are stopping you from developing your business, you could consider delegating them to a virtual assistant. A VA is a flexible, cost effective way of getting these tasks off your desk and allowing someone else to pick up the slack so that you can get on with more important tasks that will help your business to grow.

Do you feel inspired to have a spring clean and start afresh? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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