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Content marketing vs SEO: What’s the difference and which service do you need?

During sales calls and meetings, I am often asked “what is the difference between content marketing and SEO strategy?”. Usually, the person wants to get more traffic to their website, improve their search engine rankings and become more discoverable online. At a glance, both content marketing and SEO appear to achieve these objectives, so they [...]

Why are our Content Strategy Sessions so expensive?

*The above video refers to 2018 prices, which reflect a half-day workshop – as of 1st January 2019, our Content Strategy Sessions are full-day workshops. In this post, I want to explain why I feel that our Content Strategy Sessions deliver the value associated with the cost, which is £1,645 pounds. Perhaps you are comparing […]

How much does a content marketing strategy cost? (Cost/Price)

*The above video refers to 2018 prices – see article below or package pages for 2019 prices. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of embarking on a content marketing strategy for your business, then one of the major factors in your decision is probably the cost. Perhaps you’ve relied on word of mouth […]