The Importance Of Switching Off

Christmas is almost upon us, when we all look forward to winding down and taking a break. But for many business owners, the holidays can seem even more stressful…

“Will the business be ok without me over the festive period?”

“Will I miss anything?”

“What will happen if I don’t [insert your worry here]…?”

Sound familiar? Fear not! Many small businesses are either closed for the entire 2 weeks or run a very small operation, so it is highly unlikely that you will miss anything, lose customers or do any harm to your business while taking that well-earned rest you have been looking forward to.

In fact, it would be a good idea to shut down your laptop and completely remove yourself from your office for the Christmas period. It’s so tempting to think “right, the doors will be shut to the rest of the world, I’m finally going to get X, Y and Z done!”

But try not to put pressure on yourself to “get things done” over the holidays. Spending time with family, doing other things you enjoy, catching up with friends and recharging your batteries are all a valid use of your time.

As business owners, we don’t get much time off, so the time that we do get should be spent wisely. Instead of feeling guilty for not “being productive” in a business sense, do the personal things that you don’t usually have time for. Go on a family day out, take a holiday, sit and watch movies on the sofa all day…Whatever it is you want to do, take this opportunity to do it now!

Resting and recharging our batteries as business owners is extremely important and will help you to manage things better in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should be preparing to take a break this festive season:

  • Health – We are not machines, yet we are constantly on the go. Nobody can keep going endlessly without it taking its toll! Taking time off will give your body a chance to recuperate.
  • Rejuvenate – A break from the usual hustle and bustle of business life will quite often leave you feeling more energized and enthusiastic, helping you to remember the reasons you started the business in the first place.
  • Reconnect – Business owners get very little time to really spend quality time with friends and family, so take this holiday season to reconnect with loved ones and enjoy the time you have together.
  • Creativity – Quite often, our best ideas come to us when we are relaxed, you might be surprised what ideas may pop up while you are relaxing!

So instead of thinking of all the things you could be doing during the holidays, switch off, relax and enjoy the Christmas period!

Happy Christmas from all at Boost!

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