What Happens To The Things You Never Get Round To?

This week I have a question to ask…

What happens to the things you never get round to?

Do you transfer them from one to-do list to another? Do you keep telling yourself “if I just get through this, then I’ll have time for that”? Does that day ever come? Do you try to hold all these ideas and plans in your head until you eventually forget them?

That’s your creativity going down the drain – the success of your business depends on these momentary flashes of inspiration. They’re often something important, like an idea for a new service, or a marketing campaign, or something that will help your business run more smoothly.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the good sense to write them down somewhere in that moment. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, then they’ll sit at the bottom of a to-do list for some mythical day to arrive, when you believe you will have time to take action on them.

I’ve experienced this myself. As business owners, we are notorious for “fire fighting”; in other words, we always deal with the urgent issues first. Sometimes I wish I could just shut the figurative business doors for a month so that I can concentrate on these vital projects! But this isn’t a sustainable solution.

The way to tackle this problem once and for all is to start delegating the day to day tasks that are stealing your time and attention. Here’s how you can start doing just that:

  • Keep a notepad next to you as you go about your business day and make a note of each task you undertake
  • Do this for a week – at the end of the week, look at the tasks and highlight which you should or shouldn’t be doing in your role as “CEO”
  • For each of the “shouldn’t be doing” tasks, write a checklist of steps you need to do in order to complete it – this is your procedure
  • Contact a virtual assistant to discuss how they can help you eliminate these tasks from your to-do list

With a virtual assistant, you don’t have things you never get round to. With a little planning at the outset, soon your VA will be able to complete the routine tasks that are distracting you from the important stuff. With these items off your plate, your creative mind is freed up to think at a higher level and you can realise the true potential of your business.

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