A Fresh Start: Why Integrate Your Blog With Your Website?



Whether you’ve just clicked through from the old Tumblr blog, or this is the first time you’ve come across me, Yva, and Boost Business Support – hello and welcome!

This is The Boost Blog where, from now on, I will be posting fortnightly, sharing my knowledge as a Virtual Assistant and my experiences as I grow my business. You can expect posts on business startup, the benefits of outsourcing, the world of working online and lots of tips and ideas for working more efficiently and effectively in your business. 

What was wrong with the old blog?

Although I liked the simplicity of my Tumblr blog, after testing it out for a couple of months, and with a newfound understanding of blog planning and execution, I felt that I was missing out on some of the key benefits of running a blog within my main website:

1) It creates a better user experience

Integrating the blog with the website keeps everything you might want to know about Boost Business Support neatly in one place and should make navigation simpler and more user-friendly.

2) It helps raise brand awareness

Sharing useful content helps encourage visitors from diverse backgrounds and sources; bringing them to a central space with a consistent theme and a clear message will leave a lasting impression of Boost Business Support.

3) It improves search engine optimisation

The regular posting of new articles will add fresh content and lots of juicy keywords to the website which, over time, will make it easier to find using search engines like Google.

4) It helps build a community

Social sharing and interaction helps improve search rankings too. Not only that, but WordPress makes it easy to add functionality to websites and blogs, so that visitors can subscribe by email to get more great content and exclusive promotions straight to their inbox.

And there you have it

These are the simple reasons I made the move from Tumblr to WordPress – from a separate domain to an integrated blog and website – and what led me to make a fresh start with my blogging plan.

There’s lots to look forward to here on the Boost Blog!

I really hope you’ll find the content interesting and useful – if you do, please support the blog by sharing using the buttons below.

So tell me…

What stage are you at on your blogging journey? Do you run your blog and website separately? Has it always gone according to plan? Leave a comment!

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