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Your critique will cover:

Quality and clarity of content

Tone and style

Layout, formatting and readability

Search engine optimisation

Interactivity and use of media

Promotion and content distribution

Lead magnets and conversion

Strategic purpose and objectives

Have an expert in small business blogging cast their eye over your content – make sure you’re spending your time and resources wisely, and identify areas where performance could be improved.

Get answers to questions like:

Is my content delivering value?
Am I getting my message across?
Do my posts serve a clear purpose?
Are my blog posts long enough?
Are my titles clear and engaging?
Do my blogs look good on the page?
Are they easy and enjoyable to read?
Why aren’t my posts ranking in Google?
How many images should I have in my posts?
How can I make my blogs more interactive?
Am I doing enough to promote my blogs?
What tactics can I use to get more traffic?
How do I convert my readers into leads?
How can I get more business from my blogs?

And much more!

Blogging is a powerful marketing strategy for small businesses, but only if it’s done well!

Book a Content Critique to get tips and advice that will maximise your return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The critique covers up to 3 blogs. There is no obligation to send 3, but the price remains the same if you decide to send fewer.

The critique will be delivered as a pre-recorded screencast video, in .mp4 format. This allows you to re-watch it at your leisure, or share it with team members.

The critique video will be up to 30 minutes long. The length may vary, depending on the depth of review required. However, the price remains the same if the critique takes less than 30 minutes.

No. The review is conducted using only the content/information you have published publicly, or which you provide to us in the form of Google Docs. It’s not necessary for me to log in to your website.

We will upload your critique video to our Vimeo account and provide you with the link via email. The video will be uploaded with privacy settings and password protection, so that only you are able to view it.

We’ll send you the critique video within 7 working days of your order.

Unfortunately not. The Content Critique can only be used to review blog posts, as this is our specialist area.

The Content Critique costs £149 and includes the review of up to 3 blog posts. Payment is made up front at the time of booking.

Should you wish to cancel your Content Critique, you may do so within 24 hours of booking and you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

Thereafter, unfortunately, the fee is non-refundable, as we may have already begun work on the review.

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