Are you spending too much time networking and not enough on your business?

Are you totally reliant on word of mouth to get sales?

Have you tried hiring sales people in the past who haven’t actually brought in new customers?

Are you feeling burned out and stuck in a rut, wondering how you’ll ever reach the next level of growth?

Then you’re in the right place.

Here at Content Boost, we work with driven Managing Directors to create and implement a sales-driven content strategy in their company in under 90 days.

We help them go from feeling that their business is just one of a crowd, where they’re struggling to stand out in their market and they have to fight for every sale, to being in a league of their own, where they’re seen as a market leader, and ideal customers come to them ready to buy.

If you’ve been experiencing these challenges, we have a specific framework to help you get from point A to B – The Content Launchpad (download PDF here).

The three phases – Prepare, Execute and Launch – are delivered through our three core packages: Content Strategy Session, Monthly Content Coaching and Blog Management.

These packages work together as a step-by-step process to take you and your business from one of a crowd to a league of your own.

No longer will you feel burned out by the pressure of bringing in new business. No longer will you solely rely on networking and word of mouth.

You’ll have a sustainable, scalable system that brings the right customers to you at the moment they’re ready to buy – and you’ll have positioned yourself as a market leader in the process.

Find out more about each phase of The Content Launchpad by visiting the package pages below, and check out our Learning Centre for answers to your questions.

Then when you’re ready, hit the button to book a consultation with me and together we’ll figure out exactly what you need to do to create and implement a sales-driven content strategy for your company in the next 90 days.


Content Strategy: Get help to create your strategy + content plan

Get help to develop a sales-driven strategy + content plan


Content Coaching: Get feedback + advice to improve the effectiveness of your content

Get ongoing feedback + guidance to create effective content


Blog Management: Get ongoing, practical support to publish + promote your blog posts

Get ongoing, practical support to publish + promote your blog posts

Got questions?

Visit our Learning Centre