Not sure where to start with blogging?

Want some help generating content ideas?

Looking for advice on how to get more readers?

Book a 1 hour consultancy call with me and pick my brain!

During our call, we can:

Give you a crash course in the basics of blogging for business

Brainstorm blog topics and help you develop your content calendar

Do a quick tutorial on how to use WordPress effectively

Talk about best practice in blog formatting and publishing

Discuss the different ways you could be promoting your blog posts

Dive into your analytics to see how you can improve the performance of your blogs

If you’re looking for expert advice on blogging, tailored to your business, but don’t have time to do the research or complete a training course, then this is a great way to get your burning questions answered – fast!

I can help with questions like:

How can blogging help me get clients?
What should I blog about?
How long should my blog posts be?
How do I [insert problem here] in WordPress?
How can I become more efficient at blogging?
How do I make sure Google finds my content?
How can I grow my mailing list through my blog?
How does blogging tie in with social media?
How can I reach new audiences with my blog content?
How can I tell if my blogs are performing well?

And much more!

Blogging is a powerful marketing strategy for small businesses, but it’s time consuming.

By booking a call with me, you’ll ensure that you get tangible results from your efforts and avoid common pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m often asked if I can meet for a coffee, or jump on a video call, for some quick advice about blogging. Whilst I love nothing more than a cup of tea and a chat, unfortunately I only have limited time that I can give away for free.

Charging for the call means that I can spend dedicated time helping people with their blogging challenges, without compromising my other clients and commitments.

I’d love to meet in person, but I’m all about working efficiently – as I’m sure you are too! Having a video call means I can help more people in less time, wherever they are in the world. And eliminating the need for travel keeps things cost-effective for both parties.

What we cover will be entirely led by your needs. In the booking form, I’ll ask you to indicate the 1-3 questions/problems you want to focus on.

For example, I can give you a quick introduction to blogging for business, then we can spend some time brainstorming topic ideas. Or we can talk about the dos and don’ts of blog formatting and publishing, and give a step-by-step live tutorial in WordPress. Or we can look at your analytics and discuss ways to increase traffic and engagement on your posts.

It’s entirely up to you! Just remember that we only have an hour, so be sure to prioritise your questions so that we cover the most important first.

You pay for the call via Stripe at the time of booking, using my scheduler below. Your booking will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

If you need to reschedule, you can do so up to 24 hours before our appointment at no charge. Just follow the links in your confirmation email to choose a new time.

If your circumstances change and you need to cancel, you may do so up to 24 hours before our appointment and you will be entitled to a full refund. Just follow the links in your confirmation email or contact me directly at and I will be in touch.

However, if you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or you do not show up for our appointment, your fee will be forfeited. Should you wish to rebook for another time, you may claim £50 credit against your next booking fee.

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